Compiled by Nada Binnion Fuqua 

1.       Edward Bullock.  Mentioned in his son Edward’s will, written 1755 in Hanover Co., VA.  See below.

2.       Edward Bullock.  Little is known of this gentleman except information gleaned from his will, written 1755 in Hanover Co., Va.  The Hanover records were destroyed years ago, but a copy of this will was found at the courthouse of Greene Co., Ga.  In the 1950’s by Dr. Lewis Bullock.  How it came to be there one can only speculate.  The copy included the information that the will was proved Dec. 2, 175? (illegible) in Hanover Co.  Also it included a statement by the Hanover County Clerk certifying the copy Oct. 10, 1803.  Apparently the copy was recorded Jan. 7, 1826, in Greene Co., Ga. (W.B.F., p. 91-93)  Legatees of the will were:

Daughter Sarah Rice                              - two Negroes
Grandson Edward Rice                          - Negro boy
Son John                                               - Land in Louisa (Co.) on south side of Little River plus 10                                                                 acres more and two Negroes
Son Edward                                          - Land in Hanover given him by his father Edward – mill and                                                                 appurtenances, also two Negroes
Son James                                            - Remainder of land in Louisa Co. plus two Negroes
Daughter Mary Bullock                         - two Negroes
Son Micajah                                         - one-half land in North Carolina and two Negroes            Daughter Christeen Bullock                   - two Negroes
Son William                                          - other half of N.C. Land and two Negroes
Executors:  Clifton Rice (“my son-in-law”) and eldest sons John and Edward.

3.       John Bullock.  The family Bible is in possession of Amanda Bullock Wallis, Lexington, KY.  In it is recorded the following, according to a letter to Marion Wooters, Mar. 1, 1967:
John Bullock and Ann Rice married Feb. 4, 1755, Louisa, VA.
      Rice Bullock born           Dec. 17, 1755    Died with (sic?) issue
      William                           Dec. 28, 1757    no account for
      David                             Dec. 17, 1759    M. Catherine Roy
      Robert                            Feb. 21, 1762    Cousin Agnes or Agatha
      Lewis                             Feb. 24, 1764    Mary Chinn
      Elisabeth                        Feb. 19, 1766    Garland
      Edward                          June 6, 1768      no account of
      Mary                              Jan. 4, 1770      Spinster
      Rebecca                         Jan. 17, 1773     Spinster
      Nancy                           Nov. 21, 1777    no account of
A Committee of Safety was appointed in Louisa Co., Va. May 19, 1776.  A second committee which differed little from the first is given in the Virginia Gazette of Dixon and Hunter for Dec. 23, 1775.  John Bullock was on this committee.

John Bullock of Louisa Co., Va. made his will Sept. 27, 1784, proved April 11, 1785.  Legatees:  Sons Rice, David, Lewis, Robert, Edward, daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, Nancy. His wife was living, but not mentioned by name.  (W.B.111, p. 68-70)  Lewis received the ancestoral lands with mill and appurtenances.  Concerning Robert and Edward, “I give all my lands on the western waters which I have obtained from warrants or by being in partnership with Mr. Charles Yancey or others to my two sons Robert Bullock and Edward bullock.” The reason for going to Kentucky!  David, Edward, Robert, and Lewis – or at least men of those names – are listed in the 1800 census of Kentucky.  “There is a single flat gravestone at Garlandtown in the graveyard, which marks the final resting place of early Bullocks.  Part of the writing is illegible.” 1 The stone names each child of John Bullock and Ann Rice.

Ann Rice must have lived to be quite old.  “On Sunday at her residence in Louisa Co.  Mrs. Ann Bullock.  She had numbered 91 years, etc.  See Richmond Constitutional Whig, July 18, 1826.” 2

 4.       Robert Bullock.  According to the John Bullock family Bible mentioned above, Robert Bullock was born Feb. 21, 1762, probably in Louisa Co., Va., since the family lived there.  Just when he went to Kentucky is undetermined.  The 1790 census of KY. was destroyed but the reconstruction using tax lists names only Lewis, probably Robert’s brother, in Fayette Co., March 19, 1790.  Robert was in the 1800 census, also reconstructed from tax lists; he was taxed in Mason Co., KY., May 10, 1800.  Lewis was the only other Bullock in Mason Co. at that time.

Robert’s will was dated June 21, 1821, Mason Co., KY. and proved in the same county, Jan. court, 1822.  (W.B. E – p. 249)  In it he refers to his wife Agnes and mentions his children, but not by name.  Only from the Louisa Co., Va. will of Rebecca Bullock, Robert’s sister, do we learn officially the identity of his heirs.  (W.B. 10, 1837-1842 p. 169)  This will was proved Aug. 12, 1839.  She, apparently, never married, so in her will divided her property among nieces and nephews.  Item one mentions the family of brother Robert, deceased:  heirs of James W. Bullock, deceased; eldest daughter of Louisa E. (Lewis E. in next sentence); and Ann W. Yancey.  David R. Bullock was also a son of Robert and Agnes.  In Oct. 1967 Vera Bullock Calico found this grave in an old burying ground outside of Orangeburg, KY.  The following is the inscription on his tombstone:  “My husband/ David r. Bullock / Son of Robert and Agnes Bullock / Died Dec. 16, 1871 / Age 71 yrs. 7 months /

In the 1850 census of Mason Co., KY.  Agnes Bullock – age 74, born in Va. – is in


1 Malcolm Harris, A History of Louisa Co., Va.­­ (Richmond, Va.:1936) p. 294.

2 Ibid.

the household of David R. Bullock.

Descendants claim that Robert married Agnes Bullock, daughter of James and his second wife, Ann Waller.  If so, Agnes and Robert were first cousins.  The veracity of this statement is suggested by the will of James, which names sis son-in-law Robert Bullock and his daughter Agnes Bullock.  (Will, May 18, 1813, Fayette Co., Ky.)  See paragraph 4.  We know James’ brother John had a son Robert.

 Vera Calico also found the graves of Robert and Agnes Bullock.  Her letter, dated Dec. 14, 1967 “First to be buried on the extreme south end is: ROBERT BULLOCK/ Di  Oct. 12, 1821 / Age 96 yrs.  AGNES BULLOCK / Born Jan. 1776 / Died July 20, 1872 / Age 96 yrs. 6 months / Lo, the prisoner is released / Lightened of her fleshy load, / Where the weary are at rest / She is gathered unto God.  W. K. Bryant”

 5.       James Waller Bullock was married to Elvira Subblefield, Dec. 15, 1828 in Mason Co., KY.  Alex P. Stubblefield was bondsman.  James died shortly, for an inventory of his personal estate is recorded in Mason Co. courthouse (D.B. I p. 140).  Vera Calico found his tombstone in the private cemetery mentioned above and wrote in a letter Dec. 14, 1967: “In the family ‘burying-ground’ there was a stone of James W. Bullock, which we were unable to move.  It was lying down and so covered with earth and moss it was the only one we could not take a picture of.  It simply read:  In memory of / JAMES W. BULLOCK / Di Sept. 28th, 1832 / Age 30 yrs. 6 mo. 17”

We learned the names of his children in a deed to his heirs-at-law from James W. Marshall, May 28, 1841.  (Mason Co., KY. D. B. 50, p. 205)  His children were Mary M. Bullock, Agnes R. Bullock, and James W. Bullock.  They must have been infants when he died.

Elvira Stubblefield was the daughter of Alexander P. Stubblefield, we learn in a deed of partition Oct. 27, 1870 (Mason Co., KY. D. B. 80, p. 384)  Her heirs are listed: Agnes Simcox, James W. Bullock, Margaret Bell, Lucy Williams, Susan P. Boyd, John W. Boyd.  Elvira had remarried; her second husband was James Boyd, whom she married 23 Jan. 1841, Marshall Stubblefield bondsman.1

A letter dated Sept. 9, 1919 (in possession of Josephine Simcox Delay) from George Simcox to his brother John is probably the best evidence at this time of the later years of James’ children.  Note: George and John Simcox were grandsons of James, sons of Agnes Rebecca.  George had visited the old home place where he was born at Mayslick, near Maysville.  He saw “Aunt Mag” (Margaret Bell) and said she looked much like his own mother in her old age.  At the time Aunt Mag suffered from breast cancer and her days were numbered.  “The three Bell boys (Margaret and _____ bell’s sons) are located close together in Ohio near Cincinnati.  All of them are cashiers in banks.  All have their nice homes and families.”  George was impressed with John Williams (probably Lucy’s husband) who had recently sold his farm for $52,000; their daughter was mentioned but not by name.  Presumably Lucy was dead

1 E. P. Ellsberry, Marriages of Mason Co., Ky. 1789 – 1860. Vol. 4, p. 5.

since she was not mentioned.  “Uncle Jim Bullock” may also have been dead; George was “all over the farm where he lived,” but did not mention seeing him.

 6.       Agnes Rebecca Bullock Simcox was born Dec. 25, 1831 at Maysville, Ky.1 When she and William Kennedy Simcox decided to marry, her mother and step-father, James Boyd, were opposed.  Apparently the Simcoxes were not Maysville people and W. K. was not considered proper marriage material.  (The records show many Stubblefield – Bullock – Parker cousins intermarried.) He wasn’t a cousin!  He appeared in the 1850 census in the home of Benjamin Preston; W. K. was then 22 years old, a medical student (!), born in Pa.  Apparently some others boarded thee, too.  Robert L. Cooper, 24, also a medical student, born in KY., roomed there, and also was witness to the marriage of W. K. Simcox and Agnes Rebecca Bullock.  They eloped across the Ohio River to Aberdeen, Ohio.  They were married by Esquire Shelton Aug. 29, 1850.  J. L. Parker was also a witness.  The Simcox family is not in the 1850 Mason Co., Ky. census.  Possibly W.K. came to Maysville alone to seek medical instruction with a local physician.

A.R. and W. K. had twelve children.  Before each birth she insisted on having a new dress ready, in case she should not survive and have to be “laid out.”  Their children were:

      Anna Mariah                  born      Dec.    2, 1851   died     
James Walter                              Feb.    6, 1853               Feb. 13, 1868
      Robert A.                                  Sept. 17, 1854                             1917
      Elvira J.                                     Aug. 12, 1856                April  7, 1902
      William P.                                 Mar. 22, 1858                May   9, 1870
      John L.                                     May  28, 1860                             1940
      Thomas Clarke                         Apr.  16, 1862                Feb.  9,   1870
      George B.                                 June    9, 1864               July  18,  1924  
Bettie Bland                              Mar. 24, 1866                Jan.    7,  1910
      Mary A.                                   Apr. 30,  1866                Feb. 28,  1936
      Josiah W.                                  Dec. 10,  1871               Aug.  9,  1844
      Tyra                                          Mar. 18,  1874               Mar. 22, 1874

Marriages: --            Josiah W.          -           Ellen Davidson   Apr. 20, 1893
                              James McNicol  -           Elvira                            Aug. 20, 1874
                              W. F. Watts      -           Anna M.                        Sept. 15, 1875
                              Robert A.          -           Mary Hester Smith         May 1, 1878
                              Wm. P. -                        Mary Bell Smith             Feb. 3, 1881
                              John L.  -                        Josephine G. Whitley     July 20, 1884
                              W. W. Murfin     -           Beggie B.                      Sept. 25, 1884
                              Arthur Eaglin     -           Mary A.
                              George B.         -           Florence Wasem           May 24, 1896


1 Except for the census data, most of this information is from letters of Rettie Simcox Kelly and conversations with Mrs. Kelley, Maude s. Noll, Eunice Murfin, Josephine Delay – granddaughters of W. K. and A. R.  Dates of birth, death, and marriage are from the Family Bible.

In 1866 after the War Between the States W. K. came to Patoka, Ill., rented a house and sent for the family.  The porter helping them off the train was amazed that there was an unending line of children.

Mr. Simcox started a general store in Patoka.  To get capital for the enterprise he traded a rag carpet they brought from Kentucky.  Several slaves came north with the Simcoxes, loyal to their former owners.

The Simcoxes became prominent members of the community and he was a prosperous merchant in the thriving small town.  They were the first in Patoka to have a piano.  At that time they lived at the site of present-day Cox-Martin Funeral Home.

Agnes Rebecca was well-educated for a lady of the day.  She read the newspapers regularly and kept up with politics.  Being a woman of influence and certainly of opinion, she was sought by the local candidates for her endorsement.  Later generations tell of her receiving a letter from Pres. Theodore Roosevelt who inquired into their possible kinship.  She never replied “because he was a Republican.”  (The letter no longer can be found.  If their families were related, it had to be in the generations before migration to Kentucky.  T.R.’s mother was a Bulloch from Georgia, and according to their family genealogist, the –ochs are not related to the –ocks.)

 The parents and all children, except Mary in Oklahoma, are buried in the Patoka Cemetery.

William Kennedy Simcox was born March 15, 1826 at Germantown, Pa.,1 son of Robert and Helen Kennedy Simcox.  The latter visited in the W.K. home in Patoka.  Her great-grandchildren called her “Little Grandma.”  She was born in 1808; it is thought she died in Los Angeles, California 1890 or after.  The dates and places of Robert Simcox’s birth and death are not known.  A note to Mabel Simcox from her grandmother Agnes Rebecca, March 21, 1914, associates Helen Kennedy’s family with Stevensons, though the exact connection is not clear.

1 There were several towns of that name in Pa. Then, so the location of his birthplace is not known at this time.

Submitted by Mrs. J. Terry Fuqua, 221 Sherwood Drive, Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240.

Excerpt from Kentucky Ancestors  vol 7, no 4, April 1972, pages 195-199.

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